Social Pressures After Filing Bankruptcy in Arizona

after filing bankruptcy

Social Pressures After Filing Bankruptcy in Arizona

after filing bankruptcy After you file for bankruptcy in Arizona, your friends and family might have lots of questions for you. Some might come from a place of caring and love, but other questions might be insensitive and annoying. It’s tough to handle these situations after going through the challenging process of filing for bankruptcy, especially when you know it’s what was best for you.

Money is one of those dinner party conversation topics that you should just avoid. And yet, bankruptcy can have some outward signs to it, such as liquidating or freezing your assets. When you move, start using public transportation or suddenly have way less ability to go out for entertainment, your friends might start asking questions.

Just know that it’s completely up to you as to whether or not you want to answer these questions and how you choose to answer them does not have to allow these individuals any insights into your life, if you don’t want them to. If you choose to answer, here are some of the responses you can give.

My Arizona bankruptcy is none of your business

Money matters are not dinner party conversation. You can kindly tell the curious individual that your bankruptcy situation is none of their business. When dealing with these sorts of situations, sometimes fewer details are better than going into a lengthy response.

You can be polite in how you say that it’s not their business but be firm so that they understand you don’t want to talk about it later. Filing for bankruptcy helps many people get a fresh start with their finances that they desperately need. Don’t let the thoughts and feelings of others make you feel differently about your decision to file for bankruptcy.

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This has been a difficult time

If you feel comfortable saying so, you can simply share that it’s been a challenging and difficult time for you as you work to file for bankruptcy. No further details are necessary, and you certainly don’t need to feel as though you should explain why you made the decision.

Bankruptcy in Arizona means digging up financials and details you might not want to share, but you have to share those details for the purpose of completing the filing. And once it’s done, it’s a great relief. The last thing you want to be worried about is what your friends and family might think. Instead, offer your true feelings toward the whole situation and move on.

You can even tell them that all you want to do is move on. No more looking in the past because your future is much brighter now thanks to your bankruptcy filing.

I’m working to improve thanks to my Arizona bankruptcy attorney

Some people don’t know or understand what a bankruptcy filing really is. There are many myths out there that distort the way others see the concept and understand the process. Tell those individuals that your bankruptcy filing is what’s helping you get to a better state financially.

Others might not know that bankruptcy is a way of healing and improving your finances, so tell them. Explain how you and your Arizona bankruptcy attorney evaluated and took a deeper look into your finances to make the best decision for you.

And now that you have a clean start, you’re working to improve your financial situation and enjoying the relief from the high-pressure situation of creditors calling and asking for payment.

Ultimately, money should be one of those banned conversation topics for friendly gatherings just like religion and politics. There are nice ways to stop the topic and change the subject that are perfectly appropriate no matter the company you’re in. And if you have questions about your bankruptcy filing, you can always turn to your Arizona bankruptcy attorney.

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